Battalion destroys enemy targets with focused hits


The Iraqi Armored Fighting Vehicles Battalion, one of the Infantry Directorate formations in the Training Department of the deputy chief of staff, is considered one of the newly formed battalions in the modern Iraqi Army. This battalion was able to join a 45-day course led by experts in 2015. The trainees from this battalion achieved positive and distinguished results in destroying targets. The battalion’s units were able to destroy more than 492 targets spread out among all divisions.

The training deputy chief of staff, Staff Lt. Gen. Salah-al-Din Kamal Mustafa, explained to Khaymat al-Iraq magazine the function and importance of this battalion. He said, “The Armored Fighting Vehicles Battalion is one of the formations of the Infantry Directorate. This battalion has units in all divisions of operation starting with the commands of Salah al-Din, Tigris, Samarraa, Anbar, Babylon, Baghdad and Central Euphrates. These are highly sophisticated anti-tank and anti-barricades missiles. The percentage of accuracy is 99 percent with a range that exceeds 5 kilometers [3.1 miles]. It destroys the vehicles of the terrorist group Da’ish, which targets our country. All units carried out this task effectively. The missile rates of accuracy reached 100 percent, whether they were launched against personnel carriers, vehicles carrying engineering equipment, booby-trapped vehicles, or enemies entrenched behind barricades or in facilities. The battalion formed legion with the divisions in the operations command, and supports those commands with the modern anti-tank missile Kornet E, which entered service [in the Army] in 2014. Several courses were held for the battalion’s Soldiers, who as a result, have gained expertise in operating this system.”


Members of Iraq’s Armored Fighting Vehicles Battalion take part in training. IRAQi MINISTRY OF DEFENSE

The commander of the Armored Fighting Vehicles Battalion, Col. Harith Hammudi Hassun, said, “Those Soldiers provided fire support to our divisions; they carried out their duties with the utmost of bravery as attested by the divisions and their commanders. … We participated in all the battles that our Armed Forces fought, and we continue to provide firearm support to all those divisions. … I am satisfied with my fellow Soldiers and their great performance. … Our battalion aspires to give a bright picture about its operations by dedicating itself to drive terror away and eliminate those most dreadful terrorists. Our people put their trust in us, and we want to prove that we are trustworthy. The success of any battle won’t be achieved without everyone’s collective efforts and selflessness. Our battalion, in addition to the Air Force, military air, artillery and armor, special operations and all other types of weapons and other commands, operate in a truthful and scientific manner. We vow and pledge to the homeland and the Iraqi people to be loyal Soldiers to Iraq. We will make sacrifices for their sake. All of our Soldiers enjoy an elevated morale; they will seek martyrdom for Iraq’s dignity and pride.”

Soldier Haider Samir said, “We took theoretical and practical lessons in a simulator chamber. After having completed the course successfully, we, in the Armored Battalion, continue to receive training. The purpose of practicing on a simulator is for us not to forget the information that we received during the course. The ground missile system (Kornet) is a very effective weapon in the battle. We carried out our combat duties in the divisions of operations scoring very accurate results. The terrorist group Da’ish must be familiar with the Kornet system, which was very effective in destroying the targets. … God willing, we will be up to the responsibility and will carry out our duties to defend Iraq and its people.”

Soldier ‘Ammar Kamil Mirza said, “A Soldier’s good performance is the result of good training, especially with this weapon, which must be dealt with in a professional and scientific manner in order to achieve the required results. It is known that training is the basis for the advancement of armies. My colleagues and I attended the Armor Fighter Vehicle Battalion School and took an intensive 45-day course. We received training on the various details of this modern weapon and its numerous characteristics with regard to hitting targets, fire power, speed and maneuvering.”