Egypt Conducts Raad 28 Military Exercise


Focusing on a troubled zone near its western border, Egypt’s military conducted a live-fire exercise called Raad 28 under the eyes of Maj. Gen. Sedqi Sobhi, commander in chief of the Armed Forces and minister of defense and military production.

Coming several weeks after Bright Star 17, which Egypt hosted with the U.S. military, Raad 28 reinforced the need for vigilance against the threat of terrorism emerging from places such as Libya.

Maj. Gen. Sobhi paid tribute to the commanders, officers and enlisted ranks of the Western Military Region for their outstanding performance and high combat readiness as demonstrated by military maneuvers in the field using tanks, artillery, fighter jets and helicopters.

He also expressed pride in the tribes in the region of Matrouh and his appreciation for their support of the armed forces in securing the Libyan border.

Maj. Gen. Sobhi stressed the need to disseminate training experiences across all levels of the military, keeping abreast of the latest armaments and technology available worldwide.

Also attending Raad 28 was Gen. Mahmoud Hegazy, then chief of staff of the Armed Forces; leaders of the respective branches of the military; the governor of Matrouh; local elders; and a sampling of students of military and civilian colleges.   Source: Egypt Today