Kuwait Aids Refugees in Jordan


Thanks to $700,000 in Kuwaiti contributions, 174 Syrian students graduated in July 2017 from Jordan’s Queen Rania Center at Yarmouk University. They are now qualified in vocational training, considered “essential” for preparing Syrians to enter the workforce, said Dr. Rifaat Faouri, president of the university.

Kuwait has played a leading role in providing humanitarian support to its Syrian “brothers” living as refugees in Jordan, said Dr. Hamad al-Duaij, Kuwait’s ambassador to Jordan.

Kuwait aims to “alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and assist the Jordanian government to withstand the repercussions of hosting refugees,” al-Duaij said.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Jordan has absorbed at least 659,000 refugees, according to disputed United Nations figures. But with substantial security concerns following Daesh attacks on the informal Rukban refugee camp — as well as the economic burden Jordan faces trying to accommodate waves of refugees — some Syrians have found themselves with limited access to food and medical aid.

Kuwait has contributed to numerous Jordanian charities active in humanitarian and relief work, according to the Kuwait News Agency. These include Jordan’s Takaful Association, the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization and the Jordanian branch of Kuwait’s Society for Social Reform.

The money donated to the Takaful Association will go to a medical center the association runs for 6,000 refugees in Jordan, Director Khalid Nawasara said.