Kyrgyzstan Secures Power Stations

Kyrgyzstan Secures Power Stations


Kyrgyzstan and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) are partnering to protect some of the country’s biggest strategic assets: its hydroelectric dams and power stations. The OSCE Programme Office has donated video surveillance equipment to the National Guard of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan to enhance the Tash-Kuymr and Kurpsai power stations. Two other large hydroelectric stations in the country, Shamaldysai and Uch-Korgon, received security cameras several years ago.

“Improving operational readiness and the protection of critical energy facilities is one of the key objectives of the country,” said Almazbek Karasartov, commander of the Kyrgyzstan National Guard.

The installation of security equipment is part of a larger effort to strengthen the Central Asian country’s counterterrorism capacity.

“The Programme Office continuously supports the National Guard of Kyrgyzstan in its efforts to enhance the security of strategic facilities, which can become a possible target for criminals,” said Valeriu Chiveri, deputy head of the OSCE Programme Office. “Moreover, we closely co-operate on the prevention and effective management of emergency situations.”  Source: OSCE