Officers Share Cultures at International Night

Officers Share Cultures at International Night


Coalition International Night is an annual event at United States Central Command (CENTCOM) that honors the dozens of nations that have contributed to the fight against global terrorism.

The November 30, 2017, event — the 13th International Night since 2005 — provided an opportunity for representatives from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia to share photographs, clothing, foods, crafts and books from their home countries with visitors.

It also allowed officers from the Middle East, Europe, Australia, the Americas and Central, South and East Asia to share their cultures with U.S. leaders such as CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

Saudi Arabia’s senior representative to CENTCOM headquarters, Brig. Gen. Fawaz al-Fawaz, praised the opportunity not only to exhibit Saudi culture but also to present details of his country’s 2030 strategic vision. The plan includes initiatives to diversify the country’s economy, increase the role of women in society and improve military preparedness.

“This great event hosted and organized every year by CENTCOM brings the whole world under one roof, giving visitors the opportunity to travel around the globe in a of couple hours to explore and learn more about different cultures,” Brig. Gen. Fawaz said.

Qatari defense attaché Staff Brig. Gen. Yusuf bin Mohammed Al-Kuwari was among some of the many guests of honor at the event, joined by his fellow officers and Qatari students living in Florida.

Brig. Gen. Engineer Yousef Al-Maliki made a short introduction about Qatar’s past and present, after which the Qatari pavilion served tea, coffee and dates at a display that included pictures of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup stadiums under construction and a description of the country’s economic development plan called the Qatar 2030 Vision.

“The pavilion attracted a large number of visitors, dignitaries and CENTCOM senior officers,” Brig. Gen. Al-Maliki noted.