Pakistani Sailors rescue Indian Fishermen


Pakistan Navy ship Alamgir rescued a stranded Indian fishing dhow in the Gulf of Aden in April 2018, one of the ship’s many contributions to regional security as part of the Combined Maritime Forces. The fishing boat had sailed with a crew of 12 from the Indian port of Colochel and lost engine power on open waters near Salalah, Oman, for eight days. 

The Alamgir appeared on the scene to help repair the engine and send the dhow on its way. After so many days adrift, the fishermen were also dehydrated and required medical care from the Pakistani crew.

The master and crew of the Indian boat showed their appreciation by shouting “Pakistan Zindabad” (Long live Pakistan) as they steered for home. 

Pakistan naval vessels have played leading roles in Combined Task Forces 150 and 151, part of the Bahrain-based Combined Maritime Forces.

These multinational naval operations patrol for pirates, terrorists and other criminals in seas stretching from the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea to the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean.

With 15 officers, 190 Sailors and room for two helicopters, Alamgir has served successfully with the task forces since the ship was commissioned in 2011.

Sources: Pakistan Today, Combined Maritime Forces